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Festivals of Kerala are full of colours. They brims with mirth and joy and unfold the rich and varied culture of the God's Own Country. Simplicity and inherent religious nature of the people of Kerala are also prominently represented as one makes a journey in the colourful world of Kerala festivals. In some festivals it appears that people of Kerala have adopted certain traditions from the cultures of other states. At the same time it is stunning to notice the way in which Kerala has transformed those customs and gifted them that unique and special flavour of Kerala. The tolerant state of Kerala, rejoices all round the year in the spectrum
of customs and traditions of the numerous religions, castes and creed it houses. We have culled some of the prominent festivals specific to the state of Kerala from the broad panorama of traditions celebrated in this state. This is just a peep, the bigger and the real picture can just be experienced by actual and active participation.
All tours can be customized and extended as per requirements