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Religions of Kerala
Kerala is a melting pot where several ethnic and religious groups mingles. Kerala is a pluralistic society where no one ethnic community or religious group dominates the scene. They are all minorities, and all minorities have their place. All are Keralites first; then they are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Jews. The extinct religious communities of Jainism and Buddhism also have made their contributions to Kerala's culture.
In spite of the rigidity of the caste system, Kerala seems to have been exceptionally hospitable to people of different beliefs. It has a rare record of having welcomed with open arms migrants of all religious convictions. The kings of Travancore and Kochi and the Zamorin of Malabar have all extended their hospitality and acceptance. In the heart of Kerala’s capital, Thiruvananthapuram, one could see a Hindu temple next to a mosque and a cathedral. The ancient rulers of Kerala never practiced religious discrimination. Patronage was distributed not only to the Hindus, but also to the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims.

Kerala has been an open field for the missionaries of all religions. Of all religious groups, the Syrian Christian are special to Kerala.

Religion has played a crucial role in Kerala's culture. There are mainly three religions in Kerala - Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. As far as the religion of Kerala is concerned, the origins could be traced to Hinduism.
Then came in the Islamic faith and Christianity with its various sects. The other Indian religions like Buddhism; Jainism had some
influence among the Hindus and was found scattered with their migration to Kerala.
According to the 1991 census 57.38% of the population of Kerala are Hindus, 23.33 Muslims and 19.32 Christians. The earliest settlers of Kerala were the Proto-Australoids, the Mediterranean, Dravidians, and the Aryans in 321-297 BC.
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