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ASTROLOGY is the science that suggests that the LIFE and BEHAVIOUR of human beings are influenced by stars and planets. By analysing the positions of these heavenly bodies at the TIME of a person's birth, at any given time whenever required, astrologers predict the course of events in the life of an individual.
This science can claim an antiquity of five thousand years and was prevalent in ancient India, Mesopotamia, Greece and China.Now it is popular all over the world. As it is
the case in every Branch of science, Astrology also developed in accordance with changing times.
It is common knowledge that astrology as practiced in India, especially Kerala, is the most reliable and comprehensive. It has scriptural sanction since it is a limb of the Vedas, ‘vedaangaa' as it is called. It forms the eyes of the vedas, ' Veda-nayanam'. Nayanam or eye is perhaps the most important organ in One'sbody, giving guidance to those who use them. Astrology in short gives guidance, taking advantage of which human beings can plan their future.
Indian astrology is primarily based on the Lunar system. Both the Sun and the Moon expert influence on the earth. The waxing and waning of the moon cause tides in the oceans. During eclipses the behavioral Pattern of human beings as well as animals and plants undergo noticeable changes. Influence of these Celestial biddies thus cannot be ignored. The word ‘lunacy' evolved out of ‘lunar' and one can notice that in the case of the mentally deranged, the intensity of lunacy fluctuates during full moon and new moon days.
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