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..A splender green sliver of land clinging to the south western flank of the Indian peninsula,
Kerala is one of the southern states of the Republic of India.

Glistening brooks and cascades that interstice the hills finally roll down to the coastal plains
where they laze through verdant stretches of paddy fields, coconut trees and feeds some
of the splendorous expanse of backwaters and lakes.

Crave for Sun & Sand!..come and embrace the golden sands of its immaculate beaches,
pep up your spirits under the tropical sun and feel the pulse of its coastal life. You can also
enhance your gastronomy skills or give a break to your taste buds and savor some of the
ethnic dishes of the land.
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Kerala Beaches
Beaches are the most important tourist attraction in Kerala. Though Kovalam is the most popular beach in Kerala, there are many other
beaches which are almost as good.
Kerala Backwaters
One of the most memorable experience for the tourist visiting Kerala is the opportunity to enjoy the backwaters of Kerala on a
  house boat (Kettuvallam).
Kerala Waterfalls
Nowhere you will find water so playful, so pure and pacifying. Crystal clear water cascade down the mountains of Kerala. Watch them wake
serene rivers with a magnificent splash.
Kerala Wild Life
Kerala has about 30% of its land cover by forests. The jungles of Kerala are famous for the Elephants and Tigers besides other animals and
  other main Bird watching centers.
Kerala Hill Stations
Explore Kerala for its mesmerising natural scenery and enjoy the exotic Kerala holidays at the emerald green hill stations of Kerala
that will cherish your dreams for ever.
Kerala Adventure Tours
Kerala's thick forests, mountains and the calm backwaters offer opportunities for adventurous in more ways othan one.
Kerala Ayurveda
Ayurveda believes in the treatment of not just the affected part, but the individual as a whole. Making it the natural way to refresh
yourself,eliminate all toxic imbalances from body.
Kerala Arts
Kerala is famous for its art, poets and musicians, its traditional dance forms, and its distinctive architecture. Craftworkers in Kerala
continue the ancient woodcarving and wall-painting.
Kerala Martial Arts
Kalari is a martial art of Kerala. The origin of the Dravidian word Kalari itself is doubtful, whether it is derived from the Sanskrit word
  Khalurika or vice versa.
Kerala Health Care
The health care sector in India has witnessed an enormous growth in infrastructure in the private and voluntary sector.
Kerala Performing Arts
Mohiniaattam is a classical dance that adopts a mean between the two parallel streams of classical dances – Bharatanaatyam and
  kathakali – in technique and style.
Kerala Music

Kerala with its rich traditional, vocal and instrumental music has enriched the cultural heritage of India. Koothu,

 Koodiyattam, Ashtapathiyattam,
Kerala Festivals
Infact, everyday in some corner of the state, festivities are in full swing celebrating the facets of a culture that has stood the test of time.
Kerala Handicrafts
Kerala's traditional handicrafts are a class of its own. The artisans of kerala have traditional expertise in carving in wood, jewellery design
both gold and silver and in other mediums.
Kerala Antiques
Kerala has a vast collection of Wooden , Brass, stone , Granite , Marble, iron, bronze clay antiques of Chera, Chola, Victorian, Dutch and Portugal
Kerala Heritage
Kerala's unique selling point is its rich culture which was mellowed by centuries-old rich heritage. Culture and heritage are pervasive presence across the state and
are kept alive through the state's performing arts.
Kerala Food
The cuisine is very hot and spicy and offers several gastronomic opportunities. The food is generally fresh, aromatic and flavoured.
  Keralites are mostly fish-and-rice eating people.
Kerala Spices
The spice-scented shores of Kerala have beckoned traders from time immemorial, and its allure continues to hold sway even today. The spicese trade
dominates commercial transactions of State
Kerala Sea Foods
Shrimp, cuttlefish, squid and quite a few other fish from Kerala have found a large global market. The land blessed with rich inshore
 fishing areas yield commercially important.
Kerala Religions
Religion has played a crucial role in Kerala's culture. There are mainly three religions
in Kerala - Hinduism,    Christianity and Islam. The
origins could be traced to Hinduism.
Kerala Yoga & Meditation
One of the main objectives in meditation is simply to remain conscious. Falling asleep during a meditation does not result in the same
Kerala Vasthu Shastra

'Vas' means 'to dwell' or 'to occupy'. Vasthu means 'dwelling place.' Vasthu Shastra is the set of guidelines prescribed by the Rishis or

learned men of ancient India for planning.
Kerala Astrology
Kerala had made significant contribution in the field of vedic astrology by contributing "Prasna Marg", considered as the Bible of
Horary astrology and Aryabhatiya by AryaBhatta
Kerala Ornaments
The art of the Jeweller has the genius of the ancient craftsmen of Kerala. Exquisiteyepitomes of craftsmanship are preserved
   in the temples at Ettumanoor.
Kerala Costumes
In the matter of dress and ornaments, Kerala. presents through the age a picture of astonishing variety. Simplicity and elegance of dress is a
   trait of the Malayali character.
Kerala Honey Moon Trips
Journey to a green paradise, when you enjoy a honeymoon in Kerala Backwaters. Imagine you and your loved one relaxing on a houseboat and
floating along a tranquil Kerala Backwater.
Kerala Maps
Maps of kerala provides you a detailed firsthand information about the subject of your interest.
Kerala Climate
Kerala has tropical Climate and remains pleasant for most of the year. A few fast facts about the climate are that Kerala does not have a dry
spell as is in rest of India.
Kerala Mode of Transport
The length of roads in the State as on 31 March 1999 is 2,19,805 km. The national highways that pass through the State are NH 17, NH 47
 and NH 49 with a total length of 1,011 km.
Learn Language
Malayalam is the principal language of the South Indian state of Kerala. Malayalis totally literate, constitute 4 percent of the population of
India and 96 percent of the population of Kerala.
Kerala Today
The Kerala Government and Dubai Internet City (DIC), the biggest IT infrastructure provider in West Asia, have in principle agreed to set up a
`Smart City' in Kochi to house IT companies.
Kerala Events
Nehru Trophy Boat race at Alleppy held every year during the Onam Season attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.


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